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Our truck and tractor yard and workshop are so MASSIVE  you can drive in one end and out the other without turning!

Panel beating, spray painting, windscreen repairs and tyres… bring your truck, your tractor, even your bus, at Mallee Windscreens and Panels we’ll fix them all!


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Panel Beating

Been in an accident, or got a ding in the carpark?

Mallee Windscreens and Panels are expert panel beaters providing smash repairs and panel beating in Swan Hill.

With over 60 years combined experience, we can ensure quick work for necessary repairs to your vehicle body, including smash repairs for insurance companies’ claims.

We are the experts in all types of panel work, including large vehicles like trucks and tractors, and with our extra large workshop and yard even the biggest jobs are a breeze.

Mallee Windscreens and Panels, professional panel beaters for when your vehicle needs an expert touch.

Repair & Replace Windscreens

We also repair or replace windscreens for heavy vehicles!

Did you know that if your windscreen has a 30mm hairline crack, a chip 16mm across, or a windscreen crack 75mm out from the edge… your car is unroadworthy!

Don’t risk a ticket, come and see us at Mallee Windscreens and Panels for a car windscreen crack repair or replace!

Depending on the severity of your damaged windscreen, if a chip or crack is not fixable we offer hassle-free car windscreen replacement services. 

Call us today at Mallee Windscreens and Panels!

Chipped Windscreen Repairs

Windscreen chip repair is quick and easy

Giving you peace of mind that you won’t need to google “how much to replace a windscreen”!

You might not think a chipped windscreen is a big deal, but aside from adding an annoying mark in the corner of your vision, a chip can weaken your windscreen leading to a much larger crack forming!

The good news is, Mallee Windscreens and Panels can repair that minor chip or crack to prevent further damage, and save you from a large bill down the road!

Drop by Mallee Windscreens and Panels for windscreen chip repairs.

Window Tinting

Also for trucks and tractors

Protect your skin and eyes from the glare of the sun, with a tinted window film from Mallee Windscreens and Panels.

We’re a tinting service offering more than just car window tinting. We’ll tint your truck or tractor windows too! The long hours in the sun taking a toll? We have dark tint available for just about any size vehicle window, and if you’re wondering how much to tint car windows, it’s surprisingly affordable.

However there are tight laws on car window tinting… so ensure your vehicle is not unroadworthy or illegally tinted by visiting us at Mallee Windscreens and Panels.

Insurance Work

Been in a car accident?

Need insurance work done on your vehicle? We can repair any damage caused and ensure work is completed to insurance company requirements.

We also provide panel beating and smash repairs to large vehicles such as trucks, tractors and buses in case there is damaged caused on the farm or on the job and you need to get back to work fast. With over 60 years combined experience, you’re in safe hands.

Remember Mallee Windscreens and Panels if you get in a motor vehicle accident, and don’t forget to renew your insurance cover!


A wide range of tyres

For a wide range of vehicles, at Mallee Windscreens and Panels.

We specialise in working with cars and 4WD’s, so when you’re in need of new tyres we can give you advice on the best tyre for your vehicle, no matter the size. We also provide puncture repairs if it’s a minor tyre issue.

Stop in for a chat about your tyre requirements, or fill in the form below to request a quote!

Below is a list of all the tyres we stock in-store and of course we can source a greater variety upon request.


Got a tyre puncture and need it fixed in a hurry?

Pop on your spare or space saver and head straight for Nyah Road in Swan Hill.

At Mallee Windscreens and Panels we can get you back on the road with a newly repaired tyre in no time!

If you aren’t sure whether you have a puncture, and have been losing tyre pressure, drop by and we’ll inspect the tyre for you.

And if you’re in need of a new tyre, we stock a wide range! Mallee Windscreens and Panels, the only place you need to drive if your car has a puncture!


We know batteries

Everyone knows the sound of a dead car battery… but you don’t have to!

At Mallee Windscreens and Panels, we’ve got you covered with a new battery for a wide range of vehicles…  your car, fourby, truck, tractor, bus… if you can drive it, we can get you a new battery!

We stock a wide range of top brands including Delkor.

Don’t get stuck in the driveway hoping it’ll finally start, come and see us today!

About Us

Mallee Windscreens and Panels are not only specialists when it comes to window tinting and windscreen repairs or replacement, they are the experts in all types of panel work for cars, buses, trucks and tractors and they’ve got you covered for all your passenger and four-wheel drive tyre needs, with over 60 years combined experience.

So for all your panel beating, spray painting windscreen and tyre needs, think Mallee Windscreens and Panels. That’s right Mallee Windscreens AND Panels
– located on Nyah Road, next to Stihl Shop Swan Hill.


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For windscreen repairs and replacement, window tinting, panel beating, smash repairs, insurance work (car service repairs or car accident insurance cover claims) and more, Mallee Windscreens and Panels does it all!

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